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If you get your heating and hot water from a heat network

If you get your heating and hot water from a heat network, the organisation supplying that energy will get support from the Energy Bills Discount Scheme.

Your heat network supplier must pass on some or all of this support to you in a ‘just and reasonable way’. This is called the ‘pass-through requirement’ for energy price support.

They should do this as soon as they can. You should not need to do anything to get this support.

Your supplier must tell you in writing within 30 days of them getting the support:

  • how much benefit they received
  • when and how they will pass this to you
  • what you can do if you disagree

The Energy Bills Discount Scheme runs until 31 March 2024.

If your supplier does not pass on the discount or you disagree

If you do not agree with the support your heat network supplier passes to you, write to your supplier. 

You can read more about the pass-through requirement and what suppliers must do, including a template letter you can use.

If you still disagree, you can make a complaint to the: