Independent report

An inspection of the use of deprivation of citizenship by the Status Review Unit (April – June 2023)

This inspection examined the management of deprivation of citizenship cases by the Home Office’s Status Review Unit (SRU), focusing on the referral and progressing of cases, quality assurance, training, and guidance.



Inspectors undertook the following activities:

  • reviewed publicly available information about deprivation of citizenship
  • participated in a familiarisation session with SRU on 28 April 2023
  • met with stakeholders, including academics, researchers, and legal advisors
  • formally notified the Home Office of the inspection on 5 May 2023 and submitted a request for evidence
  • reviewed and analysed evidence provided by the Home Office
  • conducted a dip sample of 14 deprivation cases
  • attended SRU offices in Liverpool and observed administrative and workflow functions
  • conducted 19 interviews and focus groups with staff and teams involved directly and indirectly with deprivation of citizenship work
  • spoke with SRU stakeholders, including the National Crime Agency, His Majesty’s Passport Office, the Home Office Extradition Team, and the Home Office Nationality Team
  • on 1 June 2023, provided a debrief to senior SRU managers on observations from the onsite phase of the inspection
Published 29 February 2024