Check a tenant's right to rent in England: use their share code

Use a share code to check a tenant’s right to rent your residential property in England, if you are:

  • the landlord
  • an agent acting on behalf of the landlord
  • a tenant subletting without a landlord’s permission

British and Irish citizens cannot get a share code. You can check their physical documents yourself or use an online identity service provider (IDSP) to check them.

You do not need to check a tenant’s right to rent property in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

What your tenant needs

You can use this service if your tenant:

  • has a biometric residence card or permit
  • has settled or pre-settled status
  • applied for a visa and used the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app to scan their identity document on their phone

You can also check their original documents instead - for example if you do not have a share code.

View a tenant’s right to rent

You will need the tenant’s:

  • date of birth
  • share code

The share code will be emailed to you or given to you by the tenant.

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