Use a lasting power of attorney

If you’re an attorney or the donor on a lasting power of attorney (LPA), you can use this service to:

  • allow people or organisations to view a summary of an LPA
  • keep track of which people or organisations have been given access to an LPA
  • view an LPA summary
  • see how people named on the LPA are using the service
  • ask for an activation key if you have not been given one
  • replace your activation key if yours is lost or expired

You can only use this service for an LPA that’s registered in England and Wales.

This service is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

You’ll need to create an account the first time you use this service. Then to add an LPA to your account or view an LPA, you’ll need both:

  • the LPA reference number
  • your activation key

If the LPA was registered on or after 17 July 2020, your activation key is in the letter you got telling you the LPA had been registered.

If the LPA was registered on or after 1 January 2016, you can use this service to ask for a new or replacement activation key. You’ll need the LPA reference number.

If the LPA was registered before 1 January 2016, you’ll need to show the paper LPA to people or organisations instead.

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What you need to know

If you’re an organisation, you’ll need to ask the attorney for an access code to view a lasting power of attorney.

If you’ve not made an LPA yet, there’s a different service for making an LPA.