Tell DVLA you've changed address: step by step

You must update your driving licence, vehicle log book (V5C), Direct Debit for vehicle tax and other details when you move home. You do not need to tell us if you move temporarily (for example you’re living away at university) if we can still contact you at your permanent address.

You can still drive while you wait for your new documents to be sent to you.

  1. Step 1 Update your driving licence

    You must update your provisional or full driving licence when you move.

    1. Change the address on your driving licence
  2. Step 2 Update your vehicle's log book (V5C)

    You must update a vehicle's log book if you're the registered keeper.

    1. Change the address on your vehicle's log book
  3. Step 3 Update your Direct Debit

    If you pay for your vehicle tax by Direct Debit, you need to tell DVLA when you change address.

    1. Phone DVLA to tell them you've moved
  4. Step 4 Update your personalised number plate documents

    If you have a private registration number and it's not on a vehicle, you must update your V750 or V778 documents.

    1. Update your personalised registration documents
  5. Step 5 Update your trailer registration certificate

    If you have a trailer and want to continue taking it abroad, you must register it to your new address.

    1. Change the address on your trailer registration certificate