Tax credits checks

The Tax Credit Office will write to you if they want to check your tax credits - you must send them the information they ask for by their deadline.

The Tax Credit Office can decide to check your tax credits, for example to make sure you’re getting the right amount of money.

  1. The Tax Credit Office will send you a letter explaining why there’s a check and what you must do.

  2. Reply to an HMRC tax credits check online or using the form attached to the letter you received. The deadline is on the letter.

  3. The Tax Credit Office will write to you with the results of their check.

They can ask you about your income, employment and personal details. They may also get in touch with your employer or childcare provider.

Any original documents you send will be returned to you unless the Tax Credit Office believes they’re not genuine or not actually yours.

Call the number on your letter if you cannot send the information you’ve been asked for.

Results of a check

Your tax credits can be:

  • increased - if you are not getting enough tax credits
  • reduced - if your tax credit payments are too high
  • stopped - if you should not have got a tax credit payment

You have to repay any tax credits you’re not entitled to.

You could be fined if you do not send the information you’re asked for, or send the wrong information.