Report security staff or companies to the Security Industry Authority (SIA)

Report security staff or companies you think are breaking the law

You can report security staff or companies, for example if you think they’re:

  • using a fake, out of date or stolen SIA licence
  • employing someone for security work who does not have a valid SIA licence
  • saying they’re an SIA approved contractor when they’re not
  • using excessive force to fulfil their role
  • showing signs of predatory behaviour (for example targeting lone vulnerable adults or children)

If you’re using the form to report a crime, you should report it to the police first. You can enter the police crime number when you fill in the form.

Report security staff or companies you think are a risk to the public

You can report security staff or companies, for example if you think they’re:

  • abusing their position
  • using unlawful restraint techniques, such as choke holds
  • using abusive language towards a member of the public (for example, being homophobic, racist or sexist)

Security staff you can report

Security staff include:

  • security guards
  • door supervisors
  • close protection operatives (sometimes known as ‘bodyguards’)
  • CCTV operators and those who work on public space surveillance
  • key holders
  • guards who transport cash and valuables
  • in Northern Ireland, people who clamp wheels, move vehicles and charge for their release

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What you need to know

If you work in the private security industry, you can use this form to report your company, other companies or other security staff who have broken the law or are a risk to the public.

You should not use this form to:

  • report poor service
  • report problems with training and exams

Do not use your SIA account to report a crime or someone who’s a risk to the public. The incident will be recorded on your account, not the account of the person or company you’re reporting.

What happens next

The SIA will assess the information you provide and will use it to:

  • refuse, suspend or revoke SIA licences
  • refuse or withdraw Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) approval
  • support its prosecution cases against companies or individuals

The SIA may need to gather more evidence before taking action against the company or individual you’ve reported. They may contact you for more information if you’ve given your consent.

Evidence of criminal behaviour may be shared with the police or other law enforcement.

Other ways to report crimes committed in the private security industry

Contact Crimestoppers to report crimes or incidents anonymously by phone or online. They will tell the police and SIA.

Crimestoppers website
Telephone: 0800 555 111
24-hour service

Crimestoppers - whistleblowing
Telephone: 0800 012 1000
24-hour service