Renew your short-term medical driving licence

You can renew your short-term medical driving licence if:

  • you have one because of a medical condition
  • it lasts for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years
  • it’s about to expire, or already has

This service is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

Renew online

At the moment, you can only renew online if you have diabetes, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, a visual impairment, a sleep condition, or a heart condition.

You’ll have one hour to add information once you start. You cannot save and return to your application later.

Start now


Delays if your application is referred to a doctor

Your application may take longer than usual if it needs to be referred to a doctor (unless you’re applying for a bus or lorry licence).

If you have a current driving licence and your doctor or optician has not told you that you should not drive, you may be able to drive while DVLA is considering your application. Read ‘Can I drive while my application is with DVLA?’ for more guidance.

Who cannot use this service

You cannot use this service to:

Use a different service to reapply for a driving licence if yours was taken away or you surrendered it because of a medical condition.

You can also renew your short-term medical driving licence by post. DVLA will send you a renewal reminder 90 days before your licence expires.

If you do not receive a reminder, you should order form D1 and download and fill in the medical forms for your condition. Send them all to DVLA - the address is on the forms.