UK space programmes and missions

Through its programmes, the UK Space Agency catalyses investment into the space sector, delivers missions and capabilities, and champions space.

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The UK Space Agency delivers key elements of the government’s National Space Strategy.

Through a programme of annual activity, we:

  • catalyse investment by supporting projects that drive investment and generate contracts for the UK space sector
  • deliver missions and capabilities that meet public needs and advance our understanding of the Universe
  • champion the power of space to inspire people and offer greener, smarter solutions for business, and to support a sustainable future

Read more about our current programmes below.

Launch programme

LaunchUK: the UK’s satellite launch programme is helping to grow the UK space sector’s small satellite and sub-orbital flight markets

Innovation programmes

National Space Innovation Programme (NSIP): co-funds the development of high risk projects that have a clear target market and the potential for high returns

Enabling Technologies Programme: provides opportunities to the UK space industry for emerging and innovative space technology research and development

General Support Technology Programme: aims to design, make and fly new space technologies

Navigation Innovation Support Programme (NavISP): supports UK organisations to undertake positioning, navigation and timing technology research

Discovery programmes

Space Science Programme: funds the design, development and operation of scientific payloads and data processing facilities for space missions

Space Exploration Programme: funds the preparation of experiments that use microgravity and other space environment research platforms

Other programmes

Earth Observation: where data from space missions helps the UK to understand and monitor how our planet is changing, and support environmental management and aid projects

ESA Technology Harmonisation: champions the UK space sector, identifies collaboration opportunities and gets activities and capabilities recognised Europe-wide

Space Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Programme: explores innovative ways of delivering vital satellite navigation and timing services to the UK from space

Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) Programme: supports UK industry to develop the next generation of telecommunications products, services and applications

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