Management Courses

A summary of the courses, programmes, events and other activities available for Civil Service managers.

Civil Service Management Courses

There are 4 new programmes for managers at all levels of the Civil Service.

1. Achieving Your Potential Programme - Coming Soon

Aimed at those currently not in management positions. Achieving Your potential will provide the skills, knowledge, networks and experiences to confidently progress into a management role.

2. Management Foundation Programme

This programme is available for any civil servant new to management. It is a modular programme, including peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities.

3. Management Practitioner Programme

The Practitioner programme will focus on the more challenging aspects of leading and managing. Modules include strategy, technology, data, and communicating change with authenticity.

4. Management Senior Practitioner

The Senior Practitioner programme will focus on the complexities of being a leader and manager with a large number of people reporting to you and your teams. You will be able to describe the systems-thinking required to balance the strategic needs of your business unit with the broader needs of the agency or department. This skill will help you to deliver complex objectives.

Who the courses are for

These 4 courses are not specific to a certain grade level. Each one provides skills and knowledge needed for challenges you will face at different points in your career.

For example:

  • a grade 7 policy officer who is new to line management could benefit from the Foundation level
  • an executive officer who is an experienced line manager could choose to reinforce their skills at the Practitioner level
  • a new entrant senior executive officer with no line management responsibility start their management journey by working through the Achieving Your Potential programme.
Published 11 April 2022
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