I am a veteran: I am homeless or I am at risk of becoming homeless

Housing options and support for veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless


If you are at all concerned about your safety, please contact 999.

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless please use one of the following options to get the support you need.

  1. refer yourself to Op FORTITUDE
  2. contact your local authority


This is a government sponsored referral pathway for individual veterans that will support you into suitable accommodation or to maintain your current home. It is run by the Riverside Group and can be accessed in the following ways:

Telephone: 0800 952 0774 (freephone in the UK)

Direct link:

You can refer yourself to Op FORTITUDE, and anyone in contact with an eligible veteran can, with the veteran’s permission, refer that veteran to Op FORTITUDE.

Local authority homelessness support

Please contact your local authority if you are a veteran with a family or as an alternative to Op FORTITUDE for individual veterans.

Your local authority must help if you are legally homeless or will become homeless within the next eight weeks. There are different types of support your local authority could offer you, for example they may offer you:

  • advice
  • emergency housing
  • support to find longer-term housing
  • help so you can stay in your home

You do not have to inform your local authority that you are a veteran but should you do so you may be able to access additional support, as the type of help available depends on your personal circumstances.

If you know the postcode of where you are, where you lived or where a family member lives, please click on the link below. This will bring up the contact details of your local authority homelessness team.

Help from your council if you’re homeless or at risk of homelessness - AMSTRAD (

If you don’t know the postcode please access one of the other homelessness support options noted below.

Other homelessness support

There are other sources of homelessness support available. Some are specific for veterans, others are run by non-military charities.

Veterans’ Gateway

The Veterans’ Gateway service is the first point of contact for all veterans and their families. Where appropriate, the Veterans’ Gateway will refer you on to an organisation that provides the support you require.

The Veterans’ Gateway 24hr support team can be reached in one of the following ways:

Telephone - 0808 802 1212 (this is free from the UK)

Text - 81212


Chat now

Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence provides a helpline service to help the armed forces community access a range of support, advice and guidance including advice on housing and homelessness. This support is provided by the Veterans Welfare Service (VWS) and Defence Transition Services (DTS).

  • In addition to housing support the VWS provides advice and support to those that require transition support with medical discharge, have been a veteran for more than two years, have an enduring welfare need or need help to access benefits or compensation schemes
  • The DTS provides information and support, including housing support for those individuals and their families who have been veterans for less than two years and are most likely to face challenges as they adjust to civilian life

The helpline will direct you to the appropriate service and  can be accessed using one of the following:

Freephone (UK only): 0808 1914 2 18

Telephone (overseas): +44 1253 866 043


Normal service is 8.00 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday. When the helpline is closed, callers can be diverted to the Samaritans 24-hour helpline.

Please use this link to fill in a short form to refer yourself for support from VWS or DTS

General homelessness support

If you would rather access support from a non-military charity, please contact Crisis or Shelter using the link below. Both organisations are charities that provide support to anyone who is at risk of homelessness.

Published 4 July 2023