CEO and deputy CEO-level development

Events courses and programmes to develop skills, knowledge and networks for chief executive officers, deputy-CEOs and their equivalents in public service.

We offer a selection of events, courses and programmes to the top two tiers of all public sector and civil service organisations (CEO and deputy CEO equivalents). More information about eligibility can be found at the bottom of this page.

These are designed to help leaders:

  • enhance their practical, evidence-based knowledge and expertise around facing complex systems challenges
  • build strong networks between peers and break down silos between the Civil Service and wider public sector
  • inspire and encourage measurable improvements in public service delivery.

2024 Calendar

26 April 2024 14:00-15:30

How to get the best from your Board - webinar for those working with or on boards.

17 May 2024 14:00-15:30

Insights from moving into CEO roles - for Deputy-CEO leaders aspiring to become CEOs.

7 June 2024

Working with Whitehall, Parliaments and Governments

3 July 2024 14:30

Leading Together: Summer Event - keynote and panel followed by a reception.

18 September 2024 14:30- 17:00

Working across the public sector - moving sectors, recruitment, secondments & more.

1 Nov 2024

Working with Whitehall, Parliaments and Governments

1 to 3 October 2024, 27 to 28 November 2024

Leading Collaborative Organisations

12 March 2025

National Leadership Forum 2025 - our CEO Conference

Working with Whitehall, Parliament(s) and Government(s)

A new programme for senior public sector leaders opening up the sometimes opaque world of Whitehall, Parliaments and Governments.

This course will provide some insight into the theory and practice of how these organisations work, capitalising on our role at the centre of the UK government to empower public sector leaders.

We will explore Governments and Parliaments, structures and decision making, and understanding the terminology and communications involved.

Register now for Friday 7 June 2024

Register now for Friday 1 November 2024

Leading Collaborative Organisations

Participants of this course will broaden their understanding of collaboration across three course elements. They will identify the challenges and enablers, and the impact they have on their own motivations, structures and relationships as public service leaders.

The course is two residential stays and runs twice a year. The course will run again January to March.

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National Leadership Forum

Our annual CEOs conference first took place in 2020, and brings together the most senior leaders of the public sector.

National Leadership Forum 2020

Register for the National Leadership Forum 2025.

Connections schemes

Our Connections schemes are relationship building and job shadowing schemes. They allow participants to grow their peer network, learn about other parts of the public sector, and develop collaborative leadership skills.

Participants are matched with a small group of peers from different areas of the public sector and meet regularly over an eight-month period to work to solve problems and job shadow one another.

CEO Connections is aimed at CEO-level leaders and Civil Service equivalents. Leadership Connections is aimed at deputy CEO-level leadership and Civil Service equivalents. The scheme will return in 2024. You can find out more and register for these schemes using the following link:

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Coffee Connect

This programme focuses on building your personal network. Once a month, we pair participants with a leader from a large public sector organisation or Civil Service department. Participants get in touch with each other to arrange a convenient time to meet either over the phone or by video-conferencing platform. Each month, participants are offered the opportunity to opt out if they aren’t available.

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Eligibility requirements for our courses

Our courses are available to the two most senior tiers of public sector and civil service organisations. This includes:

  • CEOs and DCEOs in the National Health Service, including NHS Trusts, Ambulance Trusts, and Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • vice-chancellors, pro-vice-chancellors and deputy vice-chancellors of universities
  • heads and deputy heads of large further education colleges and academy chains
  • local authority CEOs and DCEOs
  • chief constables and deputy chief constables of police services
  • chief and deputy chief fire officers of fire and rescue services
  • Civil Service permanent secretaries, Directors General and Directors (SCS 2, 3 and 4)
  • three and two star military officers
  • CEOs and DCEOs of large Housing Associations
  • CEOs and DCEOs of large Arms Length Bodies and Regional Transport Authorities (SCS 2, 3 and 4)

All applications are non-selective but the LCG reserves the right to ensure that there is a reasonable distribution of different sectors across the organisations attending. Where courses are extremely popular, the LCG will look to repeat them as soon as possible.

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