Apply for funding: space-related R&D, innovation and education

Details on open funding opportunities from the UK Space Agency, the space sector, academic, education and community partners.

UK Space Agency-Axiom Space astronaut mission projects 2024/2025

Funding type: Research, innovation, technology development and missions

Who can apply: A range of types of UK organisations and companies

Funding: £15 million total

Deadline: For Science Experiments, the Science Case Overview must be submitted by 4pm on 4 March 2024, and full proposals must be submitted by 4pm on 29 April 2024.

For Technology Demonstrators, all information must be submitted by 4pm on 29 April 2024.

Training Programmes Fund

Funding type: Education and skills

Who can apply: Eligible organisations include academic or research institutions (including schools, universities, research councils and UK Space Agency partners), charities, trusts and companies (including not-for-profit).

Funding: £1.7 million (£250,000 - £500,000 available for each project).

Deadline: 5pm on 29 March 2024

The Space Sector Skills Survey 2023 Report highlights the key skills gaps that the UK space sector faces. The Training Programme Fund scheme is designed to address key skills gaps faced by the UK space sector, aiming to fund key training opportunities to remove barriers to the sector’s growth.

Find out more and apply for the Training Programmes Fund

ARTES programme: general call for expressions of interest (EOI) in satellite communication development

Funding type: Technology development

Who can apply: UK-based companies and organisations

Funding: envelope of £10 million

Deadline: Submission of expressions of interest - midday on Friday 12 April 2024; submission of cover sheet - midday on Monday 17 June 2024

This is an open call for expressions of interest in delivering future satellite innovation under the Competitiveness and Growth call of the European Space Agency (ESA) ARTES Programme.

Connectivity in Low Earth Orbit (C-LEO) R&D programme

Funding type: Research, innovation and technology development

Who can apply: Organisations of any size either working alone or in collaboration with others. All organisations must be registered in the UK.

Funding: £15 million

Deadline: Open until further notice.

The UK Space Agency is opening £15 million of calls to nurture innovation for satellite communications which will be delivered as part of the £60 million European Space Agency Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) programme, allocated to the UK’s C-LEO scheme.

Email to find out more.

Exploration Science working group support

Funding type: Travel and time support for academics

Who can apply: Academics selected for groups and/or science teams, campaign science groups and other definition work relating to named UK Space Agency Exploration Science missions.

Award range: Up to £40,000

Closing date: Open until further notice.

See the Exploration Science working group support guidance page to find out how to apply

ARTES: Advanced Technology (On hold) 

Funding type: Research, innovation and development 

Who can apply: UK organisations and companies (UK Space Agency and ESA approval required) 

Funding: Dependent on Advanced Technology activity 

Deadline: Applications for UK support into this ESA programme are on hold until Spring 2024

This is an ESA-initiated programme offering up to 100% funding for developing early technologies and innovations. Invitations To Tender (ITT) are listed on the ESA website

We are reviewing our approach towards ESA Advanced Technology Programme and will look to publish further details in Spring 2024. We will not be supporting any further activities before new guidance is published. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at

Funding type: Research, innovation and development

Who can apply: UK organisations working in positioning, navigation and timing undertaking technology research and development focused on commercial innovation.

Funding: Varies. 100% funding for developing early technologies and innovations; typically between €200,000 and €800,000 for space-enabled positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) technology solutions and innovations.

Deadline: Open until further notice

Since 2017, the UK has invested €50 million into NavISP to support the UK space PNT sector to innovate the next generation of space-enabled and space-supported navigation products, services and applications.

The UK investment in the programme is available to support UK organisations to undertake technology research and development focused on commercial innovation.

See the NavISP announcement of opportunity to find out how to apply. Find out more about the NavISP programme.

Student support: ESA microgravity programmes

Funding type: Research, innovation and development

Who can apply: UK-based teams successfully selected by ESA for certain student support programmes.

Funding: Up to £5,000

Deadline: Open until further notice

This announcement of opportunity offers up to £5,000 (if available) to support students participating in ESA microgravity programmes.

See the announcement of opportunity to find out how to apply.

Responsive Mode Call - Exploration Community Development

Funding type: Development and promotion of UK space exploration community

Who can apply: UK individuals and organisations

Funding: Support will be granted to a maximum of £50,000.

Deadline: Open until further notice.

The UK Space Agency will, subject to budget being available in any given financial year, make available funds to support activities such as:

  • community building activities

  • establishing networking opportunities

  • showcases and/or organisation attendance at appropriate conferences

Applicants should detail how the proposed activity benefits the UK space exploration community.

See the call and find out how to apply.

Closed Opportunities

To view closed opportunities, please visit our closed opportunities page.

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