Official Statistics

UK and England soil nutrient balances, 2022

Annual estimates of inputs and offtake of nitrogen and phosphorus on agricultural land.



Soil nutrient balances provide a method for estimating the annual nutrient loadings of nitrogen and phosphorus to agricultural soils. They give an indication of the potential risk associated with losses of nutrients to the environment; losses which can impact on air and water quality and on climate change. The nutrient balances are used as a high-level indicator of farming’s pressure on the environment and of how that pressure is changing over time.

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Published 30 November 2023
Last updated 1 March 2024 + show all updates
  1. Update the 'Summary' text.

  2. Soil Nutrient Balances series revised to make the 2022 'inorganic fertiliser' component consistent with the British Survey of Fertiliser Practice.

  3. First published.