The Government Data Quality Framework

Towards a data quality culture: principles and practices to assess, communicate and improve the quality of data in government




All civil servants have a responsibility to establish whether the data they manage and use is fit for purpose. The Government Data Quality Framework sets out an approach to do that, through data quality work that is proactive, evidence-based and targeted.

A data revolution is transforming almost every aspect of people’s lives. If the public sector is to realise the immense benefits of this revolution, it is essential that we have confidence in our data.

Data held by the public sector is one of the UK’s most valuable assets. Government is committed to making better use of data, but concerns have been raised over its quality. Poor quality data prevents government from making effective, evidence-based decisions.

This framework provides government with a more structured approach to understanding, documenting and improving the quality of its data.

Published 3 December 2020