Request for regulators to publish an update on their strategic approach to AI: Secretary of State letters

Letters requesting a set of regulators to update their strategic approach to AI, with the intention of increasing the transparency around how they are implementing the AI Regulation White Paper proposals.



The attached letters show correspondence between the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, alongside her counterparts from departments, and regulators involved in the oversight of AI.

The letters set out a request for an initial set of regulators to publish an update by 30 April 2024, outlining their strategic approach to AI and the steps they are taking in line with the expectations in the AI Regulation White Paper; this includes, but is not limited to, the main digital regulators forming the DRCF, along with key regulators responsible for healthcare, finance, education, and the enforcement of human rights.

AI will have implications for a much wider range of regulators as its impact across the economy continues to increase. Our recently published guidance is intended to help all regulators with the implementation of or the regulatory principles, and in the interest of transparency we encourage all regulatory bodies to consider publishing their own updates.

Published 15 February 2024