Redundancy payments: links to further information and guidance

Updated 26 October 2022

Applies to England, Scotland and Wales

This page provides a full list of published guidance for customers who need to apply to the Redundancy Payments Service (RPS).

If your employer has gone formally insolvent, you can apply to the RPS (part of a government agency called the Insolvency Service) for money you’re owed.

We have a range of guidance online to help you understand:

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1. Your rights and what you can apply for

2. How to apply

There are 2 applications to complete.

Our factsheet contains instructions about how to apply and important information for completing your applications.

Both applications must be completed online:

You cannot start your application without a case reference number (begins CN). If you do not have one, contact the insolvency practitioner handling your employer’s insolvency.

We have guidance about how to apply for statutory notice pay.

We have further guidance available if you were a director of a company that has gone into formal insolvency and you need to claim redundancy related payments.

3. How we calculate payments and when you can expect money you’re owed

We process the 2 applications separately. You may receive multiple payments from us.

We aim to process claims and make payments within 6 weeks of receiving information from your insolvency practitioner.

There is a statutory redundancy calculator which may help you understand how much you’re entitled to.

Our payment explanation guidance explains:

  • how we calculate each kind of payment
  • what deductions we have to make
  • what to do if you think your payment is wrong

Use our amendment forms if you think you made a mistake or want to add information to your claim.

Our offices are open, but there might still be delays issuing cheques. If you requested your payment by cheque, you can provide us bank details by completing our webform so that your payment is not delayed.

So that we can make this payment to your bank account instead of sending you a cheque, we need to know your:

  • LN reference
  • email address
  • full name
  • bank name
  • sort code
  • account number/roll number
  • account holder name

4. Insolvency practitioners

If you are an insolvency practitioner, information around forms and processes is available in our guidance for insolvency practitioners.