Director General, International Finance

Lindsey Whyte


Lindsey was appointed Director General, International Finance in November 2021. Prior to her appointment, Lindsey was Director for Personal Tax, Welfare and Pensions and was responsible for significant parts of the UK’s domestic response to the pandemic, including design and implementation of the UK’s furlough scheme and self-employed income support scheme. Lindsey has held a range of roles in the Treasury and also previously spent time at the Ministry of Defence as a Finance and Strategy Director. She is an economist by background and has recently qualified through CIMA as part of the UK Government Finance Professional development programme.

Director General, International Finance

Responsibilities include:

  • advancing the UK’s economic and financial interests internationally.
  • leading the Treasury’s bilateral relations with Finance Ministries and the international financial institutions, and serving as the UK’s Finance Deputy at the G7 and G20.

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