Member of the Migration Advisory Committee

Professor Dina Kiwan


A professor of Comparative Education at the University of Birmingham, Professor Kiwan has an interdisciplinary background in psychology, sociology and education.

Her broad research programme focuses on citizenship, inclusion and is interdisciplinary and comparative in scope. Her interests centre around sociological and politico-philosophical examinations of inclusive citizenship through the lens of education policy, naturalisation policy and migration policy, in particular in the context of pluralist / multicultural societies, and also societies in conflict.

Professor Kiwan has extensive and long-standing experience and networks in the UK and internationally, in the field of citizenship. She currently leads the GCRF Network Plus Disability Under Siege programme (2020-2024) working with partners in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine to address the challenge that most children with disabilities never go to school.

Her policy and consulting experience includes:

  • co-authoring the UNESCO curriculum framework for global citizenship education (2015)
  • co-authoring the Diversity and Citizenship review for UK government’s Department of Education (2007)
  • appointment by the Home Secretary to the Home Office ‘Life in the UK’ Advisory Group (2002)

Member of the Migration Advisory Committee

Migration Advisory Committee