Member, Export Guarantees Advisory Council and Non-executive Board Member, MMO

Belinda Howell


Belinda Howell joined as a Member to the Export Guarantees Advisory Council (EGAC) in January 2024.

Belinda is a sustainability strategy expert with extensive board experience in international multi-stakeholder organisations.  She has advised PLC boards across a wide range of sectors from natural resources, renewable energy and agri-commodities through the supply chain to consumer goods and retail.  She brings deep scientific understanding of climate change, environmental and social impact and ESG risks in responsible investment. 

She established sustainability strategy consultancy, Decarbonize Limited, and currently serves on the boards of the Marine Management Organisation, London Pensions Fund Authority and Digital Catapult.  Belinda holds a Masters in Business Administration and Diploma in Company Direction, both with distinction.

Member, Export Guarantees Advisory Council

Export Guarantees Advisory Council (EGAC) provides advice to UK Export Finance and its ministers on the policies UK Export Finance applies when doing business including:

  • environmental impacts and human rights
  • sustainable lending
  • bribery and corruption
  • disclosure, including freedom of information requests

Export Guarantees Advisory Council

Non-executive Board Member, MMO

Non-executive Board Members of the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) have collective responsibility for the strategic direction and overall performance of the organisation, ensuring that it is properly and effectively managed and providing stewardship for the public funds entrusted to it.

Marine Management Organisation