Terms of reference

The work of The Queen Elizabeth Memorial Committee will be guided by their Terms of Reference, details of which are included on this page

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for The Queen Elizabeth Memorial Committee is as follows.

  1. To make recommendations to the Prime Minister and The King for a fitting permanent memorial and legacy programme for Queen Elizabeth II. 
  2. To ensure the memorialisation programme progresses in line with agreed timelines, with final proposals announced in 2026.
  3. Provide recommendations for a permanent memorial, bringing in expertise on commissioning and design selection as appropriate.
  4. Provide recommendations for one or more legacy programmes to reflect Queen Elizabeth II’s contribution to national life.
  5. To engage with the Devolved Administrations and the wider public, to ensure views and ideas are captured and activity is coordinated.
  6. Engage with His Majesty’s Treasury as proposals are being developed, to ensure the programme is delivered in line with value for money principles and good practice.
  7. To bring together specialist expertise and subject matter experts to advise the Committee as required.
  8. Ensure experiences and lessons are captured to support future Government memorialisation projects. 
  9. Oversee appropriate risk mitigation measures as they relate to the development of the memorialisation proposals 

It will be for His Majesty’s Government and the Royal Household to consider and take forward the implementation of the recommendations, coordinated through the Secretariat.