About us

The Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) is an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Who we are

The SDA is an executive agency of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Established in April 2018, we manage the procurement, in-service support and disposal of UK nuclear submarines, which are some of the most complex equipment in the world.

We deliver capabilities to the Royal Navy that are essential to the Continuous at Sea Deterrent (CASD) - the cornerstone of our national security.

Our vision

To be recognised for excellence in through-life submarine delivery.

Our mission

To deliver available and capable submarines for the Royal Navy in defence of the nation.

What we do

In supporting the MOD to meet its overall purpose, the SDA has key areas of delivery. These are set out in our purpose which is to:

  • maintain CASD by safely delivering available, capable and reliable in-service submarines and systems

  • lead the design and construction of all new UK submarines and, working with our customers and suppliers, bring them into service as effectively and efficiently as possible

  • manage the delivery of the nuclear infrastructure needed to support the submarine fleet including maintenance operations and new construction

  • safely dispose of the UK’s submarines that are no longer in-service

  • ensure that we retain and develop the submarine technology base such that it meets our future requirements and retains our capability advantage

  • support and fulfil our roles in international partnerships

  • develop a sustainable industrial base for the Submarine Enterprise that is able to support all requirements efficiently, sustainably, safely and securely. We will deliver value for money across all our programmes through achieving an optimal balance of safety, time, quality and cost

Our values

We’re determined to make the SDA a great place to work – where we all feel included and valued, and are enabled to do our very best, every day. Our values of we support, we deliver, and we aspire, are set out in our SDA Code (PDF, 1.33 MB, 7 pages), and capture the spirit and the best of our agency – doing the right thing, the right way, all of the time:

  • when we support, we are committed, inclusive and thrive on teamwork
  • when we deliver, we are accountable, open and sincere in all that we do
  • when we aspire, we are ambitious, trustworthy and proud of what we achieve together

Opportunities with us

We value the unique talents and perspectives that people, regardless of background, can bring to our organisation and we embrace diversity as a strength in our teams. We are looking for people with all kinds of skills, experience and ambitions to join us with opportunities to work across the UK in a wide variety of roles.

What we offer

Your career aspirations, well-being and work-life balance are important to us.

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