Equality and diversity

The SIA is committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.

The Equality Act 2010 protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in society across Great Britain. The Act also created the ‘public sector equality duty’, which the SIA (a public body) must follow. Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 created a similar duty that we must also follow.

The public sector equality duty

The equality duty requires us to consider everyone when carrying out our work. This includes our own employees.

We must also consider the need to:

  • eliminate unlawful discrimination
  • advance equality of opportunity
  • foster good relations between different people when carrying out our activities

Our approach: do more than just our duty

We have summarised our approach below. We explain this in more detail in our equality, diversity and inclusion policy.

We intend to go beyond the requirements of the law.

We will:

  • actively promote equality
  • take positive action to redress inequality
  • build a culture that champions diversity and inclusion

By doing this, we will ensure that we build equality, diversity and inclusion into the way we think and work.

As a regulator

We recognise and value the diversity of those we regulate.

We will:

  • treat everyone fairly, without prejudice or bias
  • have safeguards in place to check this
  • consider equality when we develop our policies
  • continually improve our understanding of the people we regulate

As a partner to the private security industry

We see the importance of, and benefits to, a private security industry that is inclusive in its approach. Where we can, we will support the industry’s own efforts to promote equality, diversity and inclusion.

As an employer

The diversity of our employees enriches us and enables us to better carry out our role as a regulator.

We will:

  • value the skills and qualities each employee brings with them into the organisation
  • improve representation wherever we need to
  • foster a culture of inclusion that our employees lead, own and champion

Reporting on equality and diversity

Gender pay gap

The gender pay gap shows the difference in average (mean and median) hourly pay between all men and women in a workforce. Read our gender pay gap report.