Our energy use

We monitor and publish information on how much energy our headquarters uses, as part of efforts to reduce energy use and to make government operations and spending more transparent.

Government departments are currently competing to save carbon emissions and meet environmental and sustainability pledges.

See comparative data on departmental energy performance.

The Ministry of Justice publishes information on the amount of energy our office buildings use. This includes real-time data showing energy use:

Carbon saving initiatives

We are making better use of lighting by:

  • switching off unnecessary lights in meeting rooms
  • modifying meeting room lights to function on motion sensors
  • reducing the response time of motion sensors on office floors
  • reducing unnecessary lighting

We are targeting computer energy use by:

  • removing all single-side printing local printers
  • using green default features for PCs, monitors, faxes and printers to save power
  • trying out a space temperature policy
  • using our boilers efficiently

We are also only operate building machinery during staff working hours and switch it off over the weekends.

Future plans

The Ministry of Justice is continuing to work on reducing energy use as much as possible and will be introducing more plans shortly.