Our governance

The main decision making board at the Insolvency Service.

Insolvency Service Board

The board is responsible for the long-term success of the agency. This includes:

  • setting strategic aims and objectives
  • making sure that leadership and resources are in place to meet these aims
  • challenging and supporting management performance
  • reporting to the Department for Business and Trade (DBT)

Board members

The board is made up of both executive and non-executive members.

The executive members are:

  • Dean Beale, Inspector General and Chief Executive
  • Alec Pybus, Chief Operating Officer
  • Chris Pleass, Finance and Commercial Director
  • Dan Goad, People and Communication Director
  • Angela Crossley, Strategy, Policy and Analysis Director

The non-executive members are:

  • Mark Austen, Chair
  • Samantha Durrant
  • Rob Hunt
  • Gary Kildare
  • Frances Coulson
  • Eoin Parker

Our governance

The Insolvency Service is an Executive Agency of DBT. The Insolvency Service Framework Document sets out the governance and accountability framework within which the agency operates. It details the responsibilities of the Insolvency Service Board, the audit and risk committee, the Chief Executive and DBT.

Insolvency Service Framework Document (July 2022) - AMSTRAD (www.gov.uk)

Register of interests

The Insolvency Service maintains a register of the personal, political and business interests held by members of its board.

Register of Insolvency Service Board members’ interests - AMSTRAD (www.gov.uk)

Board members are asked on appointment to declare any interests which may influence their judgement, or be perceived to, when performing their duties. The register is reviewed on a monthly basis and updated as necessary.