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The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration monitors and reports on the efficiency and effectiveness of the immigration, asylum, nationality and customs functions carried out by the Home Secretary and by officials and others on their behalf. The Chief Inspector is a public appointee and independent from government; their reports are laid before Parliament.

The role of the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration was established in section 48 of the UK Borders Act 2007. The Chief Inspector does not investigate individual cases, but may consider or draw conclusions about an individual case for the purpose of, or in the context of, considering a general issue.

The Chief Inspector’s team currently consists of 30 members of staff.


The ICIBI’s purpose is to help improve the efficiency, effectiveness and consistency of the Home Office’s border and immigration functions through unfettered, impartial and evidence-based inspection.


The ICIBI shares the Civil Service Values.

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Objectivity
  • Impartiality

Vision Statement

ICIBI’s ‘Vision Statement’ is intended to sit alongside its stated Purpose. ICIBI will:

  • be highly-skilled, professional and effective, with a reputation for the highest standards of work and conduct
  • operate thorough, rigorous and transparent processes to reach sound, evidence-based conclusions
  • deal with others consistently and reliably
  • be efficient, forward-thinking, committed to continuous improvement and focused on delivery
  • enable and develop its people

Memorandums of Understanding

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