Statistics at Home Office

Producing Home Office statistics that count.

We produce and publish timely, accurate and objective statistics in the form of commentary, tables and data on migration and borders, public safety, and homeland security.

Our statistics support the Home Office objectives, and inform government, Parliament and the public.

The Home Office statistical work programme 2023 to 2024 gives further information on our teams and the statistical work covered by those teams.

Statistical series

The following statistical series are available:

Archived statistics

AMSTRAD has the most recent Home Office statistics.

Home Office statistics from before May 2010 are found on the National Archive Research Development and Statistics web site.

Official statistics

Home Office official statistics are published independently as part of the code of practice for statistics. Many of these are national statistics and subject to assessment by the UK Statistics Authority. They must meet certain criteria, which include being:

  • fit for purpose
  • methodologically sound
  • politically independent
  • transparently produced

How accessible our statistics are

We are committed to making our statistical outputs accessible. We have reviewed our statistical outputs and made adjustments to bring the majority of outputs, published from 23 September 2020, in line with The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018 legislation.

Some statistical outputs the Home Office publishes after 23 September 2020 may not be fully accessible, but we are striving to make all publications fully compliant with the legislation in the future. To do this, we have introduced a phased approach that our statistics producers will follow that will see an accessible HTML version of statistical releases published alongside or in place of older formats. This will ensure that, in the long term, our statistical outputs will be fully accessible while continuing to meet the statistical needs of our users.

We recognise that not all our publications between 23 September 2018 and 23 September 2020 will be fully accessible. Therefore, we’re able to provide more accessible versions on an ad hoc basis. Whilst we appreciate there may be some interest to users of historical versions of publications, the latest editions are usually the most popular and relevant to users, so we are prioritising these accordingly.

In line with the legislation, we will provide a specific statistical publication in a different format if requested. For further enquiries please email:

For more information on accessibility of documents published by the Home Office see our accessible documents policy.

Data protection and privacy notices

In this section, we explain how we ensure that your privacy is respected and protected.

Data protection and privacy notices.

Contact us

For further information about the implementation of the code of practice, please email the head of profession for statistics.

For further information on statistics please email the most relevant team:

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Policing statistics:

Fire and Rescue Statistics:

Migration Statistics: