About us

We advise the Secretary of State for Defence on all conscientious objection claims. These claims are made by those in the armed forces whose application for permission to retire, resign or be discharged have been refused by the service authorities.


We are responsible for advising on claims to conscientious objection by those who have been refused permission to:

  • retire
  • resign their commissions
  • be discharged


The committee deals with cases of those who object to further service and have been turned down; not those who are objecting to conscription or call-up on mobilisation for war.

Many of the conscientious objections are made on religious grounds.

Who we are

There are 6 committee members. There is a chair and a deputy chair (who must be legally qualified) and 4 lay members. Each time the committee meets the chair, deputy chair and at least 2 lay members must be present.

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