Producer responsibility regulations

Producer responsibility laws in the UK cover packaging, electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), batteries and end of life vehicles (ELVs).

Producer responsibility is about making sure businesses that manufacture, import and sell these products are responsible for their end of life environmental impact.

The regulations require businesses to:

  • minimise waste arising from these products and promote their re-use
  • ensure the waste products are treated and meet recovery and recycling targets for the waste materials
  • design products by reducing material use and enhancing reusability and recyclability

Enforcing compliance: the regulators

The UK environmental regulators for producers, producer compliance schemes and treatment facilities are:


Guidance for businesses that handle and supply packaging, packaging compliance schemes, reprocessors and exporters of UK sourced waste packaging for recovery.

The way UK organisations responsible for packaging must carry out their recycling responsibilities has changed. Check if you’re affected by the extended producer responsibility for packaging. You may need to meet both sets of regulations depending on your situation.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

For manufacturers, importers, re-branders and distributors of EEE, WEEE producer compliance schemes, treatment facilities and exporters of WEEE.

Restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS)


For manufacturers, importers and distributors of batteries, battery compliance schemes, treatment operators and exporters of waste batteries.

End of life vehicles (ELVs)

For vehicle producers, vehicle owners and waste treatment facilities of end of life vehicles.

Public registers

Use the WEEE public registers to find information about:

  • EEE producers
  • WEEE approved producer compliance schemes
  • WEEE approved authorised treatment facilities and approved exporters

Use the National Packaging Waste Database to find public registers of:

  • battery or packaging producers
  • compliance schemes
  • battery treatment operators or exporters
  • packaging reprocessors
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