Get your air conditioning system inspected

Your air conditioning system must be inspected every 5 years by an energy assessor to make sure it’s energy efficient.

Energy inspection

If you do not get your air-conditioning inspected every 5 years, you will be fined £300.

Your energy inspection will include:

  • a visual assessment of your air conditioning system
  • an examination of your air conditioning equipment and controls

Air conditioning inspection certificate and report

Once the inspection is over, your assessor will give you a certificate and report that tells you:

  • the current efficiency of your equipment
  • suggestions for improving the efficiency of your equipment
  • any faults and suggested actions
  • how to reduce your air conditioning use

You do not have to follow the recommendations, but you may save money if you do.

You will be charged for this inspection, and this fee can vary depending on the energy assessor you choose.

Find an accredited energy assessor

Only an accredited energy assessor can inspect your air conditioning system.

To arrange an inspection and get a certificate, find an energy assessor.


Accreditation schemes are set up to ensure the quality of your energy assessor’s work.

If you have any issues with your last inspection, you should contact the energy assessor’s accreditation scheme listed on your report.